My Second Self

Inspired and Creative

Who I am?

Gilberto Márquez Díaz de Sandi
A Chavoruco without a screw,
inspired-creative designer,
a Multitask.

I believe and I see that the new information technologies in general, the web, the loT and especially the mobile apps, are introducing revolutionary changes in the educational, labor, commercial and leisure activities.

I also think that the good use and efficiency of digital media, collaborative technologies and work in social networks offers new competitive advantages to creative individuals.

Turning the new technological showcases into intelligent agents that will help us find the one and a thousand ways out of the deep crisis in which we are immersed, requires the adoption of different attitudes and aptitudes.

For this, I adopt the attitude and aptitude of new technologies to design, create and develop products, strategies and services for my clients adding visual value in their communication.

My Philosophy

When I do a parent design, I throw it away, why can I do a better one.